Testimonial: Ricky

A word about Ricky

Ricky is 30 years old and owns a 25 m2 apartment that he bought 2 years ago for 150K, 80% of which was financed by a bank loan over 25 years. Every month, he reimburses 600€ to the bank to pay back the loan.
To make a profit out of it, Ricky decided to try to rent it on the short term rental market. After one year of doing the check-ins and all the enquiries, he realised the amount of work it took him. So he decided to look for a different solution.

The issues that came up

He was looking for a long term solution with a company that understand his investment focused mindset. After several visits and meetings with real estate and property management companies he realised it was not easy to find a company that matches his needs.

Choosing Cozee

After slow months during the epidemic in 2020 with no income in the short term rental market. He heard from a friend in Chamonix about an investment minded company, he got it contact with Cozee.
Together they made the virtual visit pretty quickly after their initial contact and they discussed in length about Ricky’s needs, costs and his expectations.

Shortly after Ricky decided to begin the adventure with Cozee.

The results

Now Cozee takes care of everything from cleaning to arrivals of guests and Ricky receives 900€ per month, on time, every time. This way he covers all of his costs and mortgage and even has a small profit at the end of the year.