Let Cozee be your Tenant

Let Cozee be your Tenant

A property management solution offering convenience of long term rental and benefit of short term rental. Powered by technology, managed by locals.
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We guarantee a higher return on your investment.

We sign long term contracts with higher return of investments, up to 30%. No more property vacancy.

How it works with Cozee

House visit

Our first step will be visiting your property. We come to your doorstep to meet you.

Personal offer & Legal contract

Understanding your needs we will work together to give you a fair offer to rent your property for up to 3 years.

Renting your property

We rent your property on short term basis and pay a fair monthly rent, on time, every time!

What you get by choosing Cozee

Guaranteed monthly income and security deposit
Fully licensed real estate company
Property damage insurance
Constant maintenance of your property
No more need to look for new and trustable tenants
Tax optimisation and legal advise

We work with no Agency fees

You can count on your monthly income, regardless of the economy or low season, we pay you on time, every time.

Testimonial: Ricky

Ricky rents his newly renovated apartment with Cozee

Cozee finances his monthly mortgage expenses and his bills, the property is self-financed.

Still hesitating? They don't

I currently live in Paris, I still like to come to ski in the winter but have no time to take care of my property. So Cozee rents it for me.
In 2019 I bought my dream chalet in Chamonix. Since then I rent my chalet carefree trough Cozee to make a profit.
I rent my property trough Cozee for atleast one year as I do not know when I will be back and Cozee is flexible enough.

Work with commission?

We take care of everything for a 25% commision

Our Offers

Frequently asked questions

Cozee sublets your property to guests adjusting the daily rates depending on the season, which is all legal! The is our risk, we guarantee you the revenue contracted, even throughout low seasons or during an economic crisis. You can count on us!

Having any doubts on whether you can work with us? The answer is, you can! We work with owners that simply want to rent their place on a long-term basis and prefer security. Not only this, but they don’t want the responsibility of managing their bookings and need someone to take this off their hands. Overall, all kind of owners want to work with us.

We currently have a diverse portfolio such as studio’s, central apartments, chalets and are always interested in new opportunities to make your property profitable. Please contact us if you have questions regarding your property, we are always happy to answer.

Cozee has insurance for any damages occurred. We guarantee to return your property in the same or even better condition than when you left it!

Anyone interested in taking their property to the next level. 😉